Pieced Pastimes: Ice Cream Cake - A Family Favorite

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ice Cream Cake - A Family Favorite

Having 5 children leads to eating lots of birthday cake. It's a sacrifice we are willing to make ; ) . The tradition in this house is for the birthday person to select their favorite cake.
Ice Cream Cake is the 'chosen' one for many. This is not an everyday treat, but rather an indulgence to be  savored and enjoyed on occasion.
I found a simple and delicious recipe from Rachael Ray for Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Cake which I have modified a bit over the years. The no-bake recipe works up quickly but should be made a day ahead to allow time to setup. See the orginal recipe here and my changes below:
The original version is very chocolaty. I can't believe I am saying this, but it is just 'too chocolaty' for our tastes. Never, did I think those words would pass my lips!
For my version, I made the ganache with 'milk chocolate' instead of the 'semi-sweet chocolate'. It toned down the chocolate just enough.
I used bakery pound cake instead of the recommended Entenmann's Brand. Homemade pound cake would be even better, but would take away the 'no-bake- ease of the recipe.
Once the cake has been flipped out of the pan, sprinkle 1/2 cup of chopped, lightly salted Dry Roasted peanuts over the ganache topping. Slice and Serve.

In the unlikely event that you have leftover cake, cut into slices, cover each piece in plastic wrap and freeze.

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  1. Ohhh my goodness it looks absolutely DIVINE!!

    We too have the very same tradition regarding the choice of birthday cake, mine would have to be an egg custard from Birds the bakers,
    Have a lovely day and can I say how much I love your banner, it looks so calming!

  2. This looks so amazing, Suzanne! I've always wanted to try making one.

  3. Looks fantastic! Actually mine get the whole choice--their birthday meal of their choice plus cake/dessert. My son usually chooses cheesecake as does my husband.

  4. How yummy is this! I will definitely give it a try...

  5. Wow! This looks like a labor of love!

  6. Ice cream cakes are a family fav. This one looks amazing. Pinning!

  7. Oh wow, my girls would love this! Thanks for sharing.


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