Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blogging - Who'd have thought!

As my profile says, I live in the beautiful state of New Hampshire with my husband, our five children, our ever faithful Maltese 'Delila' and 2 angora bunnies named 'Hershey' and 'Sweetie Pie'. I have a love for quilting, antiques and primitive decorating.

I have been reading such wonderful blogs out there that I felt the need to give something back, so I have decided to start my own. I must confess to one selfish reason for starting this blog as well. I am hoping it will inspire me to finish my long list of creative projects that I have started and begin the many new projects that are dancing in my head.

The following pictures are a few quilt tops that I have pieced and/or appliqued and they are now waiting to be quilted. I really need to get these done!

'Feathered Star' by Kim Diehl from the book entitled 'Simple Traditions'.

'Harvest Moon' by Barb Adams and Alma Allen from the book entitled 'Small Favorites for all Seasons'.

This pattern is called 'Night Sky' by Glad Creations.

And this last photo is a signature quilt I designed for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary, which was last July - so I really need to get this one quilted!

That's it for today. I feel like I've been to the confessional booth 😊. Let's just hope that it will get my creative juices flowing!

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