Monday, May 4, 2009

Golden Pear Pincushion

I have been doing a lot of prep work on some miscellaneous projects and will post photos once there is something worthwhile to look at. I decided to take a short break from all the tedious work and made this pincushion.

It is called 'Golden Pear Pincushion' and is from the book 'Simply Vintage by Blackbird Designs'. I enlarged the pattern (my version is about 7" tall). I also weighted the bottom to keep it from tipping over and I used some yummy hand dyed wool that I bought from the 'Little Lamb Quilt Shop'.

This Pear Makedo Pincushion is a store bought version that I have. I keep it on my desk and it comes in quite handy.

This last photo is my version of 'rag balls'. If you are looking for a quick project, these work up really fast. I cut up some strips of fabric, tied them into longer pieces and simply wrapped them around styrofoam balls. Until next time. Print Friendly and PDF
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