Sunday, April 17, 2011

Texturized Spring Wreath Tutorial

Here we are half way through April and it was around 18 degrees last night.  I needed something to warm up my spirit, so I created this Spring wreath.
Combining different fabrics and textures soothes me in some way..
Burlap, muslin, cotton and linen are used in the making of this multi-textured wreath.

Now for the details:

Start with a square wreath form. I cut my own from a piece of foam insulation board (available at Home Depot, Lowe's, etc...,. ). Just mark the size of the square that you want and cut with a utility knife.If necessary, sand the edges for a smoother finish.
To create the 'Bubble Wrap' fabric on the wreath, you will need a gridded cooling rack, a piece of cotton fabric - approx 3 times larger than the rack and some fusible webbing.
 Begin by soaking the fabric in water and then hand ringing the material out to a dampened state.
Lay the dampened fabric face down onto the cooling rack. Starting in the center of the rack, press the fabric down into the grid. I used the end of a wooden spoon to do this.
 Continue to work your way out from the center, pushing the fabric down into each individual grid.
Work with the fabric by pulling and pushing as needed, so that it does not come out of the already filled grids.
Continue to fill all the grids of the rack with the dampened fabric. Once this is completed, allow the fabric to dry. I left mine overnight.
Once the fabric has dried, apply the fusbile webbing (per manufacturer's instructions) to the wrong side of the fabric.
 This is how the fabric looks from the right side of the fabric after the fusible webbing has been applied.
Starting on one side, slowly pull the fabric out of the cooling rack.
 You have now created your own 'Bubble Wrap Fabric'. I have used this on other projects through the years and it always looks great.
Using scissors, cut the 'Bubble Wrap Fabric' into 2 pieces - the size needed to wrap the two smaller ends of the wreath form. Remove the paper backing from the fusible webbing and spray the wrong side of the 'Bubble Wrap Fabric' with spray adhesive and adhere the fabric to the wreath form.
Using a hot glue gun, apply fabric (I used some printed linen for my wreath) to the longest ends of the wreath form. Fold a hem onto the ends that are against the 'Bubble Wrap Fabric' to cover the raw edges and give it a nicer finish.
 Being someone who does not care to reinvent the wheel,  I made flowers using a great video tutorial I found on the 'Freckled Laundry' blog. Burlap and muslin were my fabrics of choice.

These were then hot glued onto the wreath with some simple greens for added visual texture.
This wreath was a quick and easy project and lifted my creative spirit. I hope you enjoy it.

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Until next time ~ Suzanne.
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