Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DH's Love of Old Farm Implements

My husband and I share a love for antiques. One of his passions is for old farm implements - the rustier, the better.

Old hay rakes are one of his favorite pieces of farm equipment and he has quite a few of them. He has this one sitting out in the field.

He has this one placed up on a small knoll. DH likes his old farm apparatus to appear as if a farmer had abandoned them many years before.

This one sits along the edge of the long dirt driveway.

An old 'Hay Cutter' is tucked into the woods a bit.

This old 'plow' is also along the driveway and nature has given it a proper dressing.

An old 'oxen yoke' propped up against a tree.

'Iron Wheels' are another favorite of DH's and I think they look nice wherever they are placed.

A bullet riddled 'Milk Can' - another vintage reminder of days gone by.

This is his latest find - an old horse drawn 'Manure Spreader'. It now rests along the edge of the field.

We are very fortunate that this property is quite large and we are able to display these lovely old treasures in a simple uncluttered way.

Until next time ~ Suzanne.

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