Monday, August 5, 2013

17 Grain Sack Decor Projects (Curated for Hometalk)

I received a sweet email from the folks at Hometalk complimenting me on my 'Striped Desk with Faux French Grain Sack Chair' and they asked if I would like to curate a board for them. I happily accepted and swept through the pages of Hometalk in search of Grain Sack Inspiration.
It didn't take long to find myself lost in a sea of beautiful Grain Sack inspired projects. Visit my board on Hometalk where you will find the original posts for each of the 17 Grain Sack Decor Projects .

Have you had the pleasure of visiting Hometalk yet? If not, you are in for a real treat. It is an online community full of home and garden enthusiasts sharing their knowledge and inspiration. You can follow me on Hometalk HERE to see some of my projects and the works of so many others.

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  1. Congratulations on your new venture with Hometalk, that must be exciting! I would love to visit but I'm so scared that I will become addicted and I can't afford any more computer time, lol!

    You're very talented and they are fortunate to have you. Have fun with it~

    Oh, btw... I haven't been by your blog in awhile. Loving the picture of you. Girl, you are beautiful!!

  2. These are all so great looking! You have a good eye.


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