Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Primitive DIY Candle Stand

In my previous post, I forgot to include my 'Candle Stand'. I found a tutorial from Kris's 'Simply Prim' blog.

I went on another 'burn pile' adventure and found a lovely old shovel handle for the vertical piece and a smaller old piece of wood from something else for the base. I beat the wood up a bit more with my 'medieval torture chain' (a chain with misc nuts, bolts and metal objects attached) that my husband had made for me. For the finish, I painted it a barn red, followed by a black and then sanded in some wear spots and finished those areas with a bit of Early American Stain.

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  1. Hi Suzanne (That's one of my daughter's middle names... only hers is Suzann... family name/spelling)

    Thanks for your visit! I'm loving your blog and will be back... I'm in the middle of the morning rush here right now but maybe in an hour or so when I have my coffee I can browse a little bit more...

    Have a wonderful day! Kimberly

  2. Hi Suzanne-
    I'm from the APP forum (SandyPandy). I enjoyed my visit and love that candle holder! You're blog is great! I'm following you now!
    Have a great week!

  3. Hi, Suzanne! I just found your blog and love it! Great job on the candle holder! It looks fantastic!

    Take care,


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