Monday, February 15, 2010

Primitive DIY Candle Nail Board

What can you make with a piece of wood and some rusty old nails? This great old Candle Nail Board!

Char over at 'The Pickled Pepper Patch' has a tutorial for this. It's a very easy project - basically, just cut the board and hammer in some nails.

I painted mine in the same colors as my 'Pin Keep Box'. My DH has a huge can of old hand forged nails that comes in handy for all my prim projects.

I did a little tweaking on my wall box. I didn't think that it was prim enough the way I had filled it, so I changed it and I like it much better now.

If you remember, I couldn't locate the stud finder so I wasn't able to hang it up. I stuck it on the counter and ended up liking it there, so there it will stay (at least for now).

Sophie is on the mend and doing quite well. She had a quiet day on Friday after her surgery, but seems to be back to her happy little self now.

These are the pretty flowers my DH gave me for Valentines Day. Gotta love them.

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  1. Great job on your candle nail board!! You have some very nice prim things you are working on! I like how you added the wood bowl and ladle to your box, very cute. Glad to here Sophie is doing well and is on the mend! :0)

  2. Glad to hear Sophie is on the mend and I really like the way you did your wall box you inspired me to redo mine thanks.Beautiful flowers and a great job on the nail board too.

  3. Gorgeous flowers, Suzanne!

    Wow, you certainly are on a roll with all your wonderful "new" creations. I agree that your little box looks great on your counter and the candle board is perfect!

    If I may ask, what finish do you use on your projects? They almost look waxed because of the smooth, satin appearance.

  4. Love the candle nail board...and the wall box.

    So glad Sophie is feeling better.

    Gorgeous flowers.

    Wishing you a wonderful day,


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