Friday, March 19, 2010

My Love of Old Boxes

I have a love for many old things, but lately I am really drawn to old wood boxes.

You know they are such a simple but useful object.

The more worn and used they are, the better as far as I'm concerned.

I like a less cluttered and simpler primitive style.

These old wood boxes seem to work nicely for this.

In keeping with my love for old wooden things, I was able to find these two lovely wood firkins at a local antique shop. The larger one has a wonderful patina. Sadly, there was no cover with it but I love it just the same. The smaller one has the metal bands and is not really a true firkin (probably considered a cookie jar) but I plan on giving it a nice prim paint job to make it blend better with the other.

Another small decor change was this. I had a snowman next to my box on the counter and it was time for him to go. I found this sweet prim angel at a local gift shop. Her little tag reads 'faith' and she makes me smile each time I walk past her. May 'Faith' smile on you as well.

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  1. lovely displays. i love old boxes,too. i'm looking foe a remington or winchester box for my grandson. i'll find it one day.

  2. I love old boxes also. You have some really lovely items. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love old wooden boxes as well. You have some lovely ones!!

  4. Hi Suzanne... I totally agree ..I love them too!! You have some beautiful ones ..and love how you have them displayed!!! I am green with envy!!!!

  5. I really love your old boxs,I love anything old. I love the way you deplay them. have a beautiful day Lisa Olive Grove Prims

  6. I love your old boxes and how you have them displayed. Love your new firkins, too!

  7. Love your displays, wood has such a warm feel to it. Am jealous of your firkin finds, I have a thing for firkin buckets, lol! Really enjoyed looking at your pictures, have a great weekend, Blessings. Karen

  8. Warm, cozy and inviting, Suzanne.

    I love your gatherings and I too am enthralled with old boxes. The one thing I don't have is a firkin. I've been on the hunt for a really old one with it's original paint but haven't had any luck so far.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love your collection of old wood boxes I have a few myself and you're right they do come in quite handy for things.I am starting to like the less cluttered prim look myself I don't know if it is because of the spring time cleaning or if it is because I am getting older lol but less clutter is getting more appealing to me.Have a good weekend

  10. Hi Suzanne, Me Again! Thankyou so very much for the lovely comments you left on my blog and for posting Fred the Bear to your blog. Good Luck with the draw, Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Blessings to you and your loved ones, Karen

  11. I Love old boxes too!!
    You have a wonderful collection, I loved seeing them.

  12. oh wow! I am so loving all of this! beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

  13. A wonderful collection of boxes! Great warm & natural aged patinas. Nice logo nostalgia. Your baskets look fantastic along with. *YOUR SIMPLE IS BEAUTIFUL* Thank you for sharing with us

  14. Suzanne, your collections are displayed so have a certain knack for this.
    I love how they are displayed with the baskets on the wall unit.


  15. I love old boxes too! I should take pics of all the ones I have. They are fun to decorate with because they are so versatile. Some of mine have something in them and some are empty. I love how you've mixed yours with baskets (another thing I love!). You have blended them so well on top of your wall unit. It looks prim wonderful!

    Your last picture is a sweet little display with the adorable Faith angel.

    Have a delightful week~

  16. Hi Suzanne.. love your old box collection and how you displayed each is lovely and prim.
    Faye / primitive Lace

  17. I agree, worn and used boxes have more character, they look amazing in any room.


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