Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DH's Love of Old Farm Implements

My husband and I share a love for antiques. One of his passions is for old farm implements - the rustier, the better.

Old hay rakes are one of his favorite pieces of farm equipment and he has quite a few of them. He has this one sitting out in the field.

He has this one placed up on a small knoll. DH likes his old farm apparatus to appear as if a farmer had abandoned them many years before.

This one sits along the edge of the long dirt driveway.

An old 'Hay Cutter' is tucked into the woods a bit.

This old 'plow' is also along the driveway and nature has given it a proper dressing.

An old 'oxen yoke' propped up against a tree.

'Iron Wheels' are another favorite of DH's and I think they look nice wherever they are placed.

A bullet riddled 'Milk Can' - another vintage reminder of days gone by.

This is his latest find - an old horse drawn 'Manure Spreader'. It now rests along the edge of the field.

We are very fortunate that this property is quite large and we are able to display these lovely old treasures in a simple uncluttered way.

Until next time ~ Suzanne.

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  1. That's nice that you're able to do that! Being raised on a farm, I have a love of old farm implements also but I don't have quite the spread as you to display them. You are surely blessed with all that beautiful land!

  2. I love all the antiques!..How lucky you are to have so much room that you can place these around your land and enjoy them!

  3. I love all your things Suzanne. You are so lucky to have these antique treasurers. I wish my hubby had the same passion as yours!
    Enjoy your day,

  4. GORGEOUS! I just love all that open space! What neat finds... having that amount of space must be heaven!

  5. Love the manure spreader the most! Probably wouldn't fit in my little yard though!

    Punkin Seed Productions

  6. Beautiful photos and you're so lucky to have all that space and the rusty old antiques. I bet driving up to your house is a postcard all by itself.

  7. It all looks stunning Suzanne and so natural too.I remember the colander seats as on the pieces in your first photos.After a while,you'd have to stand up because you felt like parts of you were oozing through the holes! Ouch! It all looks wonderful against the green.TFS.

  8. I love to see these old relic's displayed for eye's to see. They are the past that could soon be no more. If you and other's like you continue to show you'r love for these pieces we will all have a memory of the old farm. The only farm most kid's see is the produce department at Walmart. Photo's are great!

  9. Suzanne,,, My hubby would be in Farm boys Heaven if he got to see those close up!!! He was raised on a Farm in Northern Maine..a potato picker from way back. Though he does'nt get the ''Prim thing'' most Men do'nt.. but your guy gets it!!! You're one of the lucky ones!! Bet you do'nt get looked at funny or he does'nt roll his eyes at you whenever you bring a prim pretty home??? lol!!!!! I know I get the LOOKS..thats for sure!!! lol!! I think your yard looks great ..just like your home.Love your pics,,your home is beautiful!!!

  10. Your photos made me feel like I was stepping back in time, Suzanne. I just love how you and you husband have made the old farm implements look like they belong in their resting places.

    Now I have a question. How does he manage to get these old beauties home because they aren't small?

  11. Hi! I was raised on a farm and collect old farm related items. I am 66 years old and want to be buried with these things! I'm just kidding. I will have to sell some of these things even though we still have the 160 acre family farm. I urge people to subscribe to "Farm Collector" magazine if they have a interest in old farm items!

    Ron Stone
    Northern California

  12. If you notice any of your implements missing don't ask me where they are. LOL.

    I just LOVE the rusty old farming stuff too. The manure spreader is just awesome. One day when I have a house again I'm getting a wagon for the front yard. Mark my word!!! LOL.


  13. WoW! How wonderful is that!

    I love them all!


  14. I never would have thought those old things could look so good! The way you have them displayed is fabulous........like taking a walk back in time!

  15. Absolutely wonderful to see you treasure these old farm implements. Love the bullet worn milk bucket!!

  16. Ohhh Suzanne, ALL of the farm pieces are simply STUNNING!! How lucky you are to be able to display these fabulous pieces of history.

    I love all of them and have truly enjoyed browsing through your pictures as did my husband. I told him all about your new gates and when I saw this latest post I called to him to come look! He was full of awe, just like me.

    Looking forward to your next post!

  17. Catching up on your blog. Always such beautiful home decorations. You have the touch. Happy 4th of July.

  18. I am doing a story on old time farming for a newspaper in California and wonder if I can get your permission to use one of these photos with credit given to you. If it's okay, email me at nhiltner1@sbcglobal.net and let me know who to credit. Thank you.

    Nita Hiltner

  19. I have an old wagon that is not like any thing I have seen before. I have been unable to find anything online like it as well. it is all steel chassis that is made of 6" channel iron that drops down between the front and rear axles. the wheels are all steel as well.

    If you would email me I would be glad to send you a pic of it.


    Preacher Donnie



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