Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dressing the Mantel

I find decorating the mantel of our fireplace to be a challenge. The family room is above the garage of our home and my 'oh-so-clever' husband built a dumbwaiter to bring the wood up. This has worked out wonderfully, but it makes for one very long mantel! My current display is shown below:

I have had this vintage dresser mirror for many years and have always loved the graceful curved lines and warm patina. I decided to give it a try on the mantel. Much to my surprise, it blended wonderfully with DH's antique gun above it.

The reflections of the mirror give a nice depth to the arrangement and the room itself.

Continuing with the theme - some nest dwellers resting on an antique box, a ginger jar filled with a few sprigs of flowers and a picture of a lone shore bird placed in a simple frame on the dumbwaiter side of the mantel.

To balance out the remainder of the long mantel, I added a gathering of vintage wooden spools and some wood boxes with candlesticks.

I am liking this arrangement, but fall is right around the corner and I know that changes are coming soon.

Until next time ~ Suzanne.

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  1. It looks wonderful to me, Suzanne and there's ample room to add Fall things as they come into season without even disturbing the gathering that you've created.

    What a great space to be able to have fun with!

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    Sorry about the deletion of the first post...I messed up!

    I think it looks great.
    You have worked well with all the wood by adding the mirror and the little touches of Prim...very nice.

  3. It looks great Suzanne. There are so many possibilities with what you have started here. Fall items will look just beautiful displayed with your mirror.

  4. Very pretty! I love the natural look with all the birds and organic shapes. The greenery adds so much color too!

  5. What a beautiful mantel! I've already started staring at mine imagining how I'm going to change it up for fall!

  6. The mirror is the best part. I have one in my basement now I just may have to put it to use now. Thanks for the idea. Everything is great. Maybe for fall just add some pumpkins leaves & one of those wood signs with a fall quote above what you already have on the dumb waiter side. Your fireplace is amazing!

  7. Love the bird. I just did a similar "bird themed" mantle (http://decorallure.blogspot.com/2010/07/foyer-mantel.html)
    It looks lovely! I grew up not too far from you in upstate NY, on a bay of Lake Champlain. Your header photo made me homesick!!!

  8. I always have the hardest time with my mantel also but mine isn't as elaborate as yours... I love yours! It all blends together so beautifully and it will look great with some fall colors mixed in with it. The mirror is an awesome idea and really sets the tone for the whole display. That was a great idea!

  9. love your ideas!


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