Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer on the Mountain

We are in the midst of a beautiful 'Summer on the Mountain' and I am savoring every moment.
The sun rises over Ossipee Lake signaling the start of a new day.
Morning clouds settle over the lake.
Mother Nature in all her glory!
There is something about a misty morning.

Silver Lake has a morning blanket as well.

A fresh new day is upon us.
A quiet place to sit and reflect about days gone by.
 Charlie - the 'Lion King' stands guard over his mountain.
My oh-so-clever husband built this swing set a few years ago.  It is made from telephone poles and is simply massive. 
To give you an idea of its size, the tire is from a large tractor. The swing set is about 20' high. 
The pointed mountain peak you can see from the swing is Mt. Chocorua. Read about its legend here.
The view from our old weathered picnic table.
 Delila shares guard duty with Charlie.
A patch of wildflowers grows along side the granite outcroppings.
All living things on the mountaintop have to be strong and hardy to survive, but can still have a delicate side to them.
Speaking of delicate....Our Sophie. I have such a soft spot for this girl. She has the saddest looking eyes, but she is actually just the sweetest thing you could ask for. She has such a gentle nature. Her favorite time is spent running free on the mountain.
The screen porch is surrounded by the Ossipee Mountains.
Everything just tastes better out here!
Another day is coming to an end.

A perfect end to another perfect day - Summer on the Mountain!
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  1. What a view! DH and I loved these photos! Thanks for sharing!

  2. never too old to swing!~! I'd love to swing on yours while the sun sets over the mountain!

  3. What gorgeous photos!Beautiful mountain scenes at different times of the day, but I really love the photos of your fluffy babies. That swing makes me that that when your swinging on it, you feel as if you could just float through the clouds.

    Wonderful to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. What beautiful photographs! You live in the most beautiful place, the scenery takes my breath away. You have a beautiful blog, I'll be your newest follower.

    The French Hutch

  5. What a gorgeous view! I love to swing, always have. You could always find me on the playground swing set at recess, even when I was teaching. LOL So your swing set is where I'd be taking in that view.

  6. What gorgeous photos. Sunrises and sunsets are always exciting. Faithfully given to us each day and each one is different and special. What a gift and blessing!

  7. Beautiful sunrise! I get beautiful sunsets over Lake Michigan. Love your mountain view also, Laura

  8. Your views are gorgeous! We are on the west coast so we get sunsets instead. It amazes me that we get lovely scenes every day as if it were nothing for nature to give it to us. I loved your pictures. I hope I never take these scenes for granted... I imagine you feel the same way.

  9. Thank you for taking me away for a moment! Beautiful, it takes my breath away, how lucky you are to have such a view! Thank you for posting! Hugs, Lynn

  10. That is your view? Oh my goodness! Autumn must be a glorious sight from your backyard! My girls used to go to Camp Huckins and always loved lake Ossipee. Sometimes I really miss those days.

  11. Hi, Suzanne! What a gorgeous place. I love that view!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

  12. Love your pictures. I've been to Lake Ossippee, even climbed Mt.Chocorua with my husband one time. Must be great to live right in the midst of such beauty. P.S. can I come visit you this summer, lol! I live in Massachusetts so it's not to-ooo far.


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