Friday, August 17, 2012

A Bird Intervention...

There's a little story to this sweet nesting bird.....
This excavator sat in our yard for some time waiting for parts to arrive to do some repair work. The parts finally arrived and my husband went out to start the repairs only to discover that a bird nesting with three eggs had taken up residency in the engine compartment. There was no way to work around the bird, so the nest had to be moved. 
A neighbor tried moving the nest over to his yard with the hope that the mother bird would find it and continue incubating the eggs. This didn't fly with the mother bird, who spent the remainder of the day frantically squawking and diving around the original nesting area, making her unhappy presence known. The neighbor returned with the nest and my husband came up with Plan B. He placed a ladder against the side of his garage, close to where the excavator was parked.
With a gentle hand, he placed the nest on a board at the top of the ladder. 
Thankfully, the loyal mother bird did return to the nest and continued on with her mission. Two of the eggs hatched and she carefully tended to her babies until they were able to fly off on their own adventures. I love a happy ending!
 While we are on the subject of birds, I spotted this beauty while on a recent drive.
Life is all around us - we just need to open our eyes and take a moment to enjoy the view.

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