Pieced Pastimes: Scenes from the Side of the Road 2 - Train Station

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Scenes from the Side of the Road 2 - Train Station

Out and about for a short drive, we passed this fading piece of New Hampshire history.
This is the old 'Ossipee Station' built in 1875.
This is a postcard showing her original beauty. The steeple and dormers were removed at some point.
Sadly, years of neglect have taken its toll.
The porch ceiling has grown weary and tired.
The porch roof has remained steady throughout the years and has protected the wonderful trim work, which is in amazingly good shape.
Wonderful gingerbread molding has weathered nicely throughout the years.
I can picture the passengers waiting along these well worn floorboards for the arrival of the next train.
The last trains ran through here in the 1970's.
She has been abandoned since then.
Forgotten to the sands of time.
Her resilient beauty still shines through.
She is now privately owned and the tracks have been removed.
The bones of the building are in good shape and her lines are straight and even with no sagging. It seems she would be a perfect candidate for restoration.

Another postcard from back in the day. Hopefully, someone will turn back the hands of time so that she can be appreciated for many years to come. Preserving the past and reflecting on days gone by....

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  1. Replies
    1. I think it's a beauty too! I don't know what the status of the building is, other than it is privately owned. I am keeping the faith that someone will restore it eventually. It would be such a shame to let it go.

  2. How sad. That has been such a beautiful building. In fact, it`s still beautiful.

  3. I adore old buildings. My children did a school project about the old railroad that ran through the town I grew up in. A once busy railway completely wiped from memory! A few buildings, just like yours, are the only testimony to its existence!
    You took beautiful pictures!! You should send them into the local historical society!

  4. It's so beautiful.
    We used a building from a the same era for our outdoor wedding photos.
    The shape is quite similar.

    And...it's in the same shape.
    We loved its character.
    Treasured photos.

    ~ Blessings
    Cooking At Cafe D

  5. Love that building!! Hope it continues to stand!


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