Thursday, May 23, 2013

Say Hello to Wilma!

Just a Little Funny.....My youngest daughter has a unique sense of style. She is always coming up with a different hair color, cut and style. Her makeup can be anywhere from a subtle, soft style to an over the top, in-your-face look. We have learned to expect the unexpected from her.
The other day she came up with this 'lovely' ensemble. As you can see, she thought she was as 'bad' as they come with her 'Rock 'n Roll' theme park attire. She made one fatal mistake though. She asked her father his opinion. to which he promptly replied, "You look like Wilma Flintstone!" Needless to say, her 'tough girl' bubble was instantly burst!

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  1. Yes, we have to gently guide them in the right direction while they figure out who they are. I work at a high school and it is great fun seeing how the kids explore their hair, clothing and everything in-between! Your daughter is a beauty.

  2. funny! I have two boys who are adults and married now but when they were teenagers they were always changing their hair color and clothing style. I never thought boys could be that way1

  3. OMGosh too cute!
    Daddy was right...LOL

  4. She is beautiful, just like her mama! I think it's wonderful when they are creative and unique!


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