Monday, July 29, 2013

Pole Gate Entrance - Part 1 - Building the Gate

You may recall an older post entitled - 'Gated Entrance Progress'. We have since sold that property and are currently working on a different parcel. My oh-so-clever husband has a love for Pole Gates and has built another one for this new property.
Each one of his gates is a bit different from the last. He keeps improving on his original design. This is not your average DIY, as it involves heavy equipment and metal work experience. 
Luck was on our side when we found and purchased these massive cedar utility poles. They were originally used on an ocean dock for large ships. 
The larger poles will become the gate posts and the smaller ones will be the swinging arms. 
The poles are sanded to give them a more uniform look.
The metal arches were built first by bending iron pipe into a radius that worked well in size and proportion to the poles. Straight runs of pipe were welded on to complete the arc. A pipe within a pipe is used to create the hinge mechanism for the gate. 
The arch is then attached to the gate post. Measurements are taken every step of the way to insure that everything fits properly.
My hard working husband has attached the swinging arm to the post and tacks on some final welds.
This half of the gate is near completion. The fixed hinges were all hand cut and pounded for a vintage feel - perfectly, imperfect.
A few more bolts, a bit more welding and she's ready to go! The entire process is repeated to create the other half of the gate.
The building of the gate is now complete and ready for the next step - transporting, which  I will share with you on my next post.

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  1. Wow. What an artist! One day we will have the property we've been longing for and I would love to have a gate like that! :o)

  2. wow, thats AMAZING! I cant wait to see what it looks like up!

  3. OMG that's going to be ginormous!! And awesome. :)


  4. WOW ! AWESOME ! I think it will look fantastic ! Great photos ! Looking forward to seeing it all completed ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  5. those are some big logs. my husband has been working on some logs which he plans to use to make a big shed to cover our wood that we burn each winter.


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