Friday, November 1, 2013

Reclaiming the Land

Some of you may be wondering why I haven't been posting as often lately so, I thought I would explain with this post.
These days, I have been spending my time working along side my husband on this piece of property. We purchased this 70 acre parcel last year and have been steadily working to bring it back to it's former glory.
In order to see the progress we have made, I need to show you what we started with. As you can see, the life had been sucked out of this place. The property was a former gravel pit, depleted of the rich landscape it once contained.
You may be asking yourself, why on earth would they buy such a barren piece of land?
Truth be told, the price was right and my husband has no fear when it comes to such things. He can see the potential in a property that most people will run from.
This is the same property that I wrote about on my Pole Gate Entrance post. This was how the entrance looked when we first bought the property. Neglected and unkempt was the only way to describe it.
After some much needed love and attention, this is how the entrance looks today. 
Re-grading the contours of the land took countless hours of equipment time. 
Moving thousands of yards of fill from one section of the property to another and determining the new grades is a skill my husband has gained from years of experience running his excavation business.
My husband and I spend our days diligently working the land and progress is being made each and every day. 

The equipment is parked after a long day of work.
Finish grading is completed and screened loam is being spread. 
Saving a tree whenever possible gives the once stark panorama some visual interest.
Our work was done in sections. In this photo, some of the areas are seeded and hayed and other areas are being spread with loam.
Reaping the benefits of our hard work - seeing the once brown oasis now covered in a sea of green.
The driveway is now defined within the lawn area.
Fall is surely upon us, as the leaves have fallen from the line of trees we were able to save. They should grow and thrive in their new environment.
Stones and granite were collected and placed around the property.
A gently rolling hill replaces the once rocky and jagged embankments.
Just as in life, sometimes you need to look back into your past to appreciate just how far you have come.

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  1. Oh my goodness, it looks beautiful!!! Where does the driveway go? Are you building a home on this property?


  2. This looks like incredible FUN! Do you get to operate the big equipment? This is like the grown up version of playing in the woods when I was little. We would try to redirect the creek, make new slopes, and even replant small trees, convinced they would bring shade in just a few months. You've done a beautiful job.

  3. Wow! As I was reading I was so amazed at the progress. I'm impressed. Really looks beautiful!

  4. Wow, you guys have done a lot of work! But it looks soooo good now - so serene and peaceful! It's great that you were able to repair the land. Thank you!

  5. Oh my gosh, Suzanne, what you have done is unbelievable! I love that you are reclaiming land that was so barren. You have created something beautiful beyond description. You and your husband are truly inspiring!


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