Thursday, November 14, 2013

Scenes from the Side of the Road 6

We are not afraid to drive off the beaten path. We tend to drive on roads that venture up hills and mountains. Dusty dirt roads, pot holes and frost heaves do not deter us from advancing forward. 
We have driven up this road in Tamworth, New Hampshire a few times now and each time I find something different to admire.  On our latest trip, we came across this sweet little 'Sugar Shack'. A place where time seems to have stood still. 
Wood is stacked and ready to fire up the boilers for next season. Nothing compares to real maple syrup tapped from sugar maples. 
It's wonderful to see that someone is taking care of this place and preserving it for future generations.
On our way back down this same road, I spotted this old abandoned farmhouse.
Abandoned buildings always fill me with curiosity.....Who once lived here? Why has it been deserted?
I picture a lifetime of memories behind those four walls. As always, my hope is that someone appreciates this place and will give her back the life she once knew.

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  1. I love the look of that old sugar shack - especially the hardware on the door! One day (it's on my bucket list) I would love to travel your way and actually see someone cooking down the maple syrup, and then travel with them into the woods to actually see with my own eyes how to tap a maple tree! Then, I would like to come back in the autumn when the leaves are turning all sorts of sunset colors! Someday.

  2. Your photos are gorgeous. The scenery so peaceful. I especially love the first pic. I can picture it hanging in my front hallway. Thanks for sharing, your new follower, Darlene

  3. I love reading posts like this. My husband and I love driving the backroads, too. There's so much more to look at than driving on the boring freeways. I can see such potential in that old abandoned house! It's got such good bones. And I love the little cupola on the "sugar shack"!

  4. Hi Suzanne, I'm Connie at, a new GFC friend. Love the photos, reminds me of those long cold nights growing up in WI and having to burn wood to keep the house from freezing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh boy would I love to see inside that abandoned farm house and sugar shack. One time I read book about tapping maples for syrup in New England somewhere. Wish I could find that book again, loved it. Your photos have my feet itching to go see some of those incredible places in person. Hubs said he did enuf driving to last him, not interested in traveling again. Doggone it. I need to go see photos on your other side of road posts, so wonderful. Am so enjoying them.
    Can remember so many trips as a kid going to grand parents in PA from Cleveland, OH where I was born, all those old tobacco signs. This was in the 40's, in 1950 we moved to Tucson, AZ for my brother's health, he had asthma really bad. Since I grew up have lived in few places as I could talk hubs into moving when I got a wild urge. Not anymore, now we're in our mid 70's, he says he's planted for good, we live in western CO now, west of Grand Junction out in country. Before here we lived in country north of Bowling Green, KY. Before that on 20 acres south of Helena, MT. Before that 21 yrs. in San Diego areas and before that I Lived in Tucson, AZ for 20 yrs. before marrying present hubs (almost 47 yrs, now). Have you always lived in NewEngland?
    Think I need to subscribe so I don't miss anymore of your excellent travelogues. Love them. Happy week


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