Sunday, February 16, 2014

Scenes from the Road 8 - New Hampshire Barns

Like so many others across the country, we have had yet another round of winter snow. Some have had their fill, but I continue to revel in the beauty of nature.

Out and about in our beautiful state of New Hampshire, we come across some lovely old barns. This one really stole my heart with it's simple cupola and metal roof.

The stark contrast of the brick red clapboards against the bright white snow create a quintessential New England winter scene.

The massive barns adjoins the house and solid granite posts line the driveway.

The main house is a feast for the eyes. The house and trim are painted in a grayish green while the window sashes and door are trimmed out in the same brick red as the barn.

The elaborate architectural trim surrounding the front door is softened with the paint choices and keeps it from overwhelming the house.

This separate barn was just past the others set out in a snow covered field.

As we continued our drive, we came across another lovely barn with a view that goes on forever.

On closer inspection, we saw that it was actually a newly built barn/home with the traditional features of a vintage barn. I love its rustic beauty.

There are so many wonderful old barns here in New Hampshire and seeing them blanketed in their winter coats makes me appreciate them that much more.

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  1. We have been lucky enough to visit New Hampshire a few times from the UK. The barns and the snow are a favourite part of our trips, I miss them, so thank you for this lovely blog.

  2. That property is amazing!!! Although I am, admittedly, tired of snow...


  3. Beautiful properties. I love the color combination of the gray and red, and it is so very striking against the snow and the blue sky. We've not seen the grass in our yard since before January 1st (Northern Ohio, on Lake Erie). I'm a little concerned, because at this time we normally begin to see the snowdrops and Helleborus. . .they're buried, so it will be a later beginning to Spring for us. I love the seasons, so I'm fine with Winter lasting a bit longer, but it is later than the norm. . . Thanks for the beautiful images!

  4. I love seeing posts like yours that show the local architecture. LOVE the barns, especially the brownish one with the red door. Definitely pinning.


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