Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY Fridge Liners

This 'Fridge Liner' idea has been around for a while and I have tried different methods. This is the easiest and best way that I have found to line my glass shelves and bins. 
Having the liners makes cleanup so much easier. It avoids the dreaded deed of lifting and removing all the shelving. You can simply remove the liners and wipe them down as needed. 
I found these pretty vinyl place mats at the dollar store. The pattern is called 'Black Damask'. I thought it would be a nice change from the existing liners in my refrigerator. 
To make the liners, I simply measured each shelf with a tape measure, and cut the place mats to size. We have a side by side refrigerator/freezer and the place mats happened to be the same width as my glass shelves - that was easy!
I staggered two place mats to achieve the shelf depth and joined them with a piece of packing tape along the back seam.
For the drawers and door bins, I placed them on the wrong side of the place mat and drew around the edges. I then cut the mat a bit smaller than the drawn lines, to compensate for the thickness of the plastic.
At this point, I stood back and admired the clean, simple look that the liners had given my fridge. I even hesitated putting the food back in!
But alas, the practical side of me won and the groceries are once again back in place. Sadly, they cover nearly every inch of my oh-so-pretty liners.
Perhaps, a nice mimosa will take away my pain ☺.
On another day, I will share a favorite recipe of ours for this 'Bacon Asparagus Quiche with Hash Brown Crust'. I always make two, as it tastes even better the next day and disappears so quickly.
And one final shot of our fruit and veggie drawers. I have to admit that the bright colors do play nice with the damask pattern.
UPDATE:  The shelves in our refrigerator are glass. There seems to be some debate about whether refrigerators with wire shelves should be lined, as it may possibly restrict air flow. I don't know whether this would be a problem or not. My guess is that cold air will still get everywhere it needs too, but I can't guarantee that to be the case.

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  1. Never thought of doing this, great idea! I have the same fridge so perhaps I can use the placemats, too.
    xo Kathleen

  2. What an awesome idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I never thought of that ideal. I will have to get me some the next time I clean the fridge.

  4. A couple of years ago I did the same thing with my fridge. It still makes me smile when I open the door and see these cheery shelf liners!!!

  5. What a pretty fridge! It's the little, unexpected things that make the days happy.
    I stalk my Dollar Store for placemats to use in my fridge but I've yet to find pretty ones. Still looking!

  6. It looks so pretty! What a clever and elegant idea.

  7. I have never thought about doing this but I love it! Pinned. We truly love you being a part of our party. I hope you get chance to stop by tonight at 7 pm. It wouldn't be a party without you!
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  8. Very cute!
    However, it appears that because the liner mats are not transparent, little light transfers through. Which would bug me. I would need to locate a clearer version. I'll have to keep my eyes open for some. Thanks for the tip!

  9. I bought the same placemats today! How do you keep them from sliding around when taking things in and out from your refrigerator?

    1. Hi Noreen - Our refrigerator is always chock full and the groceries hold down the placemats. I haven't had any problems with them shifting around. Have fun with your new placemats!


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