Wednesday, May 11, 2016

An Inspired Painting

Occasionally, a reader will send me a note saying they have created something after being inspired by one of my posts, and it's always wonderful to hear.

Recently, I received this sweet note from Karen Bryson:

Hi there. I was searching the internet the other day, when I ran across one of your photos of an old farmhouse. I was looking for something to paint into a background of a watercolor painting I had in mind. Like you, we had gone for a ride (in rural Florida), and I took a photo of an old rusty Sears and Roebuck motorcycle, that had been re-purposed into a mailbox. I loved it, but wanted to paint it into a different setting. One of your photos inspired me, I thought you might like to know that. Your blog said you hoped others found inspiration...well I did! My painting is a very loose interpretation, but I hope you enjoy it as well.

Karen Bryson

Karen was inspired by this photo from my 'Scenes from the Road' series. You can read that post here

I love Karen's watercolor interpretation and how she added the motorcycle mailbox to the scene.

It's always encouraging to hear that my work inspired the hands of others and Karen's painting is a such a beautiful example of that.

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