Friday, January 11, 2019

2019 Quilters Planner and a New Cover

The start of a new year found me ordering the 2019 *Quilters Planner and eagerly awaiting its arrival.

The first thing I wanted to create was a cover for my new planner. After a few fabric auditions, I chose a gray arrow print that had a nice organic feel to it.

When my children were young, I always used a planner to track appointments, dates and record any special moments that happened along the way. Now, we are empty nesters and life has slowed down. A planner didn't seem as necessary......that was until last year.

On a whim, I purchased the 2018 *Quilters Planner and thought I would use it to track my quilting and sewing projects. When I first received the planner, I fell seriously in love.

It was very well made and and had thoughtfully arranged features that spoke to me as a quilter, but I think anyone could adapt the planner for their hobbies as well.

Jump forward to the release of the 2019 *Quilters Planner. Once again, it exceeded my expectations. It comes with a companion magazine filled with 13 quilting patterns, beautiful photography, tutorials, tips and inspiration.

They are having a quilt-along with one of the patterns from the magazine that I have joined.

It's always fun to see how others interpret the same pattern with their color and fabric choices. One quilt can look totally different from another.

I used the project planning pages to map out a plan for the upcoming challenge. I have been wanting to make a quilt in yellows and greens, and this seemed like the perfect candidate.

Have you joined any quilt alongs this year?

*Disclosure:  No affiliation or compensation - just passing on a nice resource.

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  1. Your cover is gorgeous. I absolutely adore that fabric. May I ask where you purchased it? It would be absolutely perfect for some things I want to make for my office remodel. And I will definitely be checking out that planner. It looks amazing. I do not quilt, but I think it would be perfect for my other craft projects.


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