Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Assembly Line Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows are such a quick and easy way to transform a room. We are so fortunate to have such beautiful fabrics available these days. The colors and patterns are endless and our choices reflect our personal style.
For our Summer themed family room, I chose shades of Blues and Whites in Florals, Stripes and Geometric patterns.
My Pleated Dropcloth Pillow was the starting point for new throw pillows in our family room. I replaced all our throw pillows with feather inserts. We have always had feather pillows for our beds, so why I wouldn't think to have them for our throw pillows is beyond me! There is just no comparison. It's a small but affordable luxury.

Now, let's sew some pillows!

**Supply List:
- 20" Feather Insert (measures 20" x 20" square)
- *approx 1 1/2 yards Decorator Fabric 

*Pre-wash, dry and press all fabrics to set the dyes and pre-shrink.

**Cutting Instructions:
- Cut one 21" x 21" panel for the Pillow Front
- Cut two 12" x 21" panels for the Pillow Back

**Supply List and Cutting Instructions are for one pillow. 

Pillow Cover Construction using Assembly Line Sewing:
Whenever I sew many of the same item, I use an assembly line method that speeds up the process greatly.  In a factory assembly line,  the steps involved in creating several of the same item are simply repeated and those parts are advanced down the line to a new station for the next step in the construction. Assembly line sewing is much the same way. 

To begin, stack and cut the fabrics per the cutting instructions above. 
Begin by hemming your stack of pillow backs. Using a 3/8" Bias Press Bar, fold one of the 21" long sides over the bar and press. If you don't have Press Bars, you can make your own by cutting a strip of card stock (or a manilla file folder) 3/8" wide x approx 11". Fold the pressed fabric back over on itself and press again.
I started out making 4 pillows. My pillow backs (enough for four pillows) are hemmed and ready for sewing.
Chain sew the hems using a 3/8" seam allowance by feeding the pillow backs into the sewing machine one right after the other, without snipping the threads in between each seam.
 You will end up with one continuous chain of pillow backs.
 Snip the hemming threads to separate the pillow backs and press the hems to set the seams.
You now have a stack of hemmed pillow backs. With right sides together, place two Pillow Backs over a Pillow Front and pin together. The hemmed edges will overlap in the center. Repeat pinning together the other pillow panels and stack. Stitch the Pillow Backs to the Pillow Fronts using a 1/2" seam allowance. Stitch a zigzag stitch to the inner seam to prevent fraying.
 Turn Pillow Cover right side out. Choose a closure for your pillow backs, such as buttons, snaps or ties. I chose snaps for my pillows as they make it a breeze to remove and replace the covers for washing. Once closure is in place, insert pillow form and you are done!
 Once I start making pillows, I just can't seem to stop.
 The assembly line sewing method makes the pillows work up so quickly and easily.
The weather has been hazy, hot and humid here with lots of rain mixed in. Our new pillows give me a feeling of Summer sunshine, even if it's only in my imagination.

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  1. They are really pretty. I love all the various fabrics you put together. I found your tutorial at The DIY Dreamer party. :)

  2. Your pillows are really gorgeous! I love the fabrics you used! Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial! Would love to have you visit me sometime.
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  3. Must be you made a few extras for me... right? Totally LOVE them all!

  4. Great idea to make them assembly line style. I love the combination of fabrics.

  5. Very pretty pillows. FYI, the word "bienvenu" is not correct. It should be "bienvenue", as per the rule for its use.

    1. Hi Diane - Thanks for the sweet comment about my pillows and thanks for letting me know the correct spelling for 'Bienvenue'. I had actually looked it up and debated which was correct. Something I read made me think that when used by itself, there was no 'e'. Oh well, now I know for next time. ; )

  6. Yay more pillows!! When I get ready to put together pillows for my new pad, you are my go-to girl! :)


  7. Amazing Suzanne, can you come do some for me now that you have the hang of it?? LOL...Christine from LittleBrags

  8. These look great, and I love your tips for making them quickly, saving time.

  9. Pretty pillows - I too like the down ones for the living room. So much nicer. Pinning




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