Thursday, December 5, 2013

Scenes from the Side of the Road 7

A recent drive had us going past one of our favorite places here in New Hampshire - 'Castle in the Clouds'.  It has a long and somewhat checkered past which you can read about here and here. We have visited there on many occasions.
On this day, the castle itself was closed for the season. In lieu of seeing the castle, we were able to admire the two gate houses that are on the property.
A long and climbing road leads to this first gate house. The castle and its surrounding buildings were built by Italian stone masons and carpenters in a Craftsman styled architecture.
My husband was infatuated with this house as it was mostly untouched and in its original condition (other than the electric power running to it).
It will need some upkeep soon in order to keep it from fading away.
The sun was starting to fall, but I wanted to capture the unique placement of the window in this shot. The window is in the center of the chimney, so the flue goes around the porthole.
A story brook cottage with an equally charming entrance. One very distinctive feature of the buildings is the Spanish tiles used for the roofing.
The sturdy door reflects the castles architecture.
The substantial hinges inspired the gate hinges my husband had crafted for our Pole Gate Entrance.
The castle known as 'Lucknow' was built in the Ossipee Mountain Range in Moultonborough, NH. The Lakes Region Conservation Trust now owns the 5,400 acre property and it is open seasonally to the public.
Thomas Plant made his fortune in the shoe industry and started the construction of the castle in 1913.  It is said that he was good to his employees and laborers, but ruthless in his pursuit to acquire the land surrounding his estate. One such story tells about a 'spite fence' he had built to block the lake view of an abutter who refused to sell him their property.
This is the second of two gate houses.
 Details are found in abundance throughout the property.
 This building has been historically restored to it's original condition.
This place echoes the 'reflections of a time gone by', so you know it has a special place in my heart.
 It is good to see that this amazing property is being cared for and preserved for generations to enjoy.
If you are ever in New Hampshire, be sure to visit this special mountaintop estate. There are some great hiking trails leading to the castle and it's a lovely way to spend a day.

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  1. I'm mooning over these beautiful houses. would love to add rock to the front of our house in places and these pictures will help me express the look I'm going for. thanks so much for the tour.

  2. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! I'd love to see inside. :)


  3. It's a beautiful house, Suzanne. Thanks for the tour! XOXO, Angie.

  4. This is a really cool place. Thanks for providing the links as well, I loved reading about the history of the castle and the area, especially about Robert Frost's association with the region.

  5. Wow, thanks for sharing those, Suzanne. I love the character of those homes. I want to get into a comfy rocker inside with a blanket, book and fireplace and just soak it all in!

  6. What a beautiful home! The stone work is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! 🌻


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