Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tassel Wreath Tutorial

This winter has been putting us to the test. Frigid days followed by bitterly cold nights finds us bundling up with layers upon layers trying to stay one step ahead of the cold. 
The constant battle for warmth stirred me to create this 'Tassel Wreath'.  
There are so many wonderful yarns available today. 
A chunky yarn in varying shades of grays with flecks of browns and blacks called to me.
I hoped it would emanate the warm and cozy feeling that I was yearning for. Once the wreath was completed, I thought the yarn achieved my goal nicely.

This wreath is very simple to make and works up quickly.

Now onto the tutorial:

Supply List:
- 10" Wire Wreath Form
- Yarn (I used a skein of chunky yarn - 106 yds)
- Cardboard - Approx 3" X 4"
- Decorative Embelishment such as ribbon, costume jewelry, fabric rosette, etc...,.
Create a tassel template by cutting an opening slot on one of the 4" sides of the cardboard as shown. 
Cut a 10" long piece of yarn and place it in the opening as shown. Wrap another length of yarn around the template 10 times. Gather the 10"long strand around the wrapped yarn within the slotted opening and tie tightly in a double knot.
Slide the wrapped and tied yarn off the template. Cut the bottom loops to create a completed tassel.
Tie the completed tassels onto the wire wreath frame with a double knot. Trim the longer tying pieces to the same length as the rest of the tassel. Work from the bottom up in layers until you have completely covered the wreath form.
The layered tassels are far from perfect - In fact, they are downright shabby. They remind me of a favorite pair of old slippers that have become a bit frumpy, but are still oh so comfortable.
Finish the wreath by tying on your decorative detail. I chose to give mine the look of a vintage rosary.
The winter air is still biting at our heals, but I am feeling a little better about it now.

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  1. I love it and your tutorial is fabulous. Great idea. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  2. Very cute!! I was looking in the yarn isle the other day thinking "gosh I wish I could think of something to do with it"! Thanks for the inspiration!!~~Ang

  3. What a gorgeous wreath and great tutorial - easy to follow - thank you!

  4. I like the notch cut in the cardboard with the piece of yarn you used to tie the tassel. With the arthritis in my hands sometimes I have trouble holding things together to tie them. This looks like it will make that process easier. Thanks

  5. fun idea!
    Using bullion fringe for this would also be a great idea. thanks for sharing!

  6. Such a beautiful piece of wall art more than just a wreath. Pinning and making and loving!

  7. Your wreath is beautiful. I especially love the color you choose. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh I really LOVE this! So different . Well done!


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