Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Mantel 2014

Winter brings a peace unlike any other season. Freshly fallen snow insulates the ground and creates a silence that I crave.
I wanted our winter mantel to reflect the stillness of the season - a simple and uncluttered mix of objects that represent the time of year. 
Winter branches with a hint of snowflakes are tucked into an ironstone pitcher and placed next to an old lantern.
 The vintage 'North Pole Freezer' comes from an era when life moved at a much slower pace.
Ice skating has long been a favorite pastime for so many and invokes childhood memories of skating on the pond at our families farm as a child.
Taking time to admire the beauty of the season and the serene landscape that nature has provided is time well spent.
You will find my 'Tassel Wreath Tutorial' here.
Winter may sometimes bring slippery roads and power outages, but it also brings a tranquility like no other time of year.
The peace and quiet of winter will always be welcome in our home.

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  1. We rarely have significant snow here in South Carolina, but when it starts snowing during the night, the silence wakes me. I sit and watch it drift down. Such beautiful textures and neutral colors in your vignette.

  2. Very sweet. I love the combinations you created here. Warmth, activity, and nature altogether in one place. Perfect winter decorating.

  3. This is beautfiul! I love the ice skates.

  4. Love it. You inspire me. Tired of red and green. Great ideas....

  5. I love the monochromatic colors! And the subtle 'winter' feel, without being 'in your face' about it. So pretty! Pinning!

  6. Your stone mantel is gorgeous!!! So wintery!

  7. I love your mantel display, and I think you nailed it, capturing the stillness that's so inherent in winter. I love your wreath too!!! I'm definitely pinning that.

  8. I seriously adore that wreath! But I love the whole shabang! It is so sleek and elegant and makes me want to sit by the fire there! Shared!!
    Jess @liverandomlysimple


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