Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Unexpected Guests

We have seen plenty of wildlife on our reclaimed land including deer, coyote, bobcat and turkeys.
On a recent trip to the property, we came across some unexpected guests.
While driving up the long dirt driveway, we noticed some areas of the lawn had been disturbed.
Some of our newly planted grass was dug up and the loam was pushed aside into piles. Our first thoughts were, 'what the heck'!
This pond on the property is thriving with life. It is home to some mischievous beavers....
....and a solitary 'Blue Heron' that will stand in place for hours on end.
 On this particular day, we were visited by some other inhabitants of that same pond.
We had been invaded by a trio of Common Snapping Turtles.
They had climbed some 150' from the pond, up a steep embankment, across the driveway and continued their journey onto the freshly planted hill.
 They were on a mission, and our landscaping efforts were of no concern to them.
They had traveled from their aquatic sanctuary for the sole purpose of laying eggs. Their nesting habit is to lay 20-40 ping pong ball sized eggs into their freshly dug holes, cover them and return to the water.
At this point, the eggs and any future hatchlings are on their own. Their chance for survival is not very good as we soon discovered.
Fast forward to a few weeks later and we came across this sad sight. Something had destroyed one of the nests and all its precious cargo.
As of now, the other nesting sites remain untouched. Our hope is that they are able to hatch and migrate to the pond sometime in August or September, but we know the odds are against them. 

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  1. How fun! I would be back around hatching time several times a day to see those little critters! I know they are mean, but they sure are fascinating!

  2. What a sweet and sad story, the poor baby turtles. Your country road is like my front porch. Hubby always asks, What are you laughing at....and I say the same thing. The show. The birds fighting over the feeder to the squirrels inside the feeder playing jack in the box to scare away the birds to the neighbor chasing his pekingese down the Nature always puts on a good show for us don't it!

  3. So beautiful and full of life- your property is beautiful!

  4. Awwwhh, what a shame that something got in there, Suzanne. Do you think it was the coyotes or bobcats? I know it's the whole circle of life thing but just the same, sometimes it's hard to watch sometimes. What a beautiful property you have! It must be beautiful place for long, lovely walks. Have a great day. :)

  5. Suzanne, what a beautiful area you live in. I always feel blessed when any wildlife chooses to take up residence in my little corner of the world. Your photography is lovely, and the photos you got of the snapping turtles are amazing....who gets an opportunity to get those kinds of shots? :)

  6. I LOVE turtles! The only thing I miss about our old neighborhood is walking around the lake and seeing all the turtles sunning themselves. There was one in the middle of the road one day and I didn't want it to get squished, so I picked it up to move it and it peed all over me. Oh well...better he pee on me than be squished!



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