Monday, September 14, 2015

Scenes from the Road 11 - Stepping Back In Time

 We are blessed to have many antique homes here in New England. They capture a stillness that existed once long ago and give you a sense of stepping back in time.

On a recent drive, we drove past this wonderful old place. The house and barn were lovingly reconstructed on this property in the 80's from several different antique buildings.

It looked to have an original cape with an ell off the back, which was common with the old farmhouses. A traditional stone wall with granite posts frame the entrance into the property.

The barn fits the plot perfectly with its large sliding doors, crowning cupola and cobblestone driveway. 

This beauty was just past the first farm. It is currently listed for sale here. It is known as the 'Farley Garrison House - Circa 1665'.  According to the listing, the house came from Billerica, Massachusetts and was carefully dismantled and reconstructed on this parcel of land in New Hampshire.

Several other buildings were also moved and rebuilt on the property including this pole barn and corn crib.

The traditional saltbox home is surrounded by rock walls and fields a plenty.  The large center chimney was a common feature in these old homes.

The back yard touts another special piece of architecture.

This amazing water tower!

As if the home, barn and water tower weren't enough, they also rebuilt a one room schoolhouse from the 1700's on the parcel.

While the buildings on both these properties are not original to the land, there reconstruction was done so meticulously that you would never know that to be the case. They have become part of the land they stand on - solidly built with a rich history and a story to tell for future generations.

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  1. I am so enjoying your Side of the Road series. Thank you !

  2. I am amused by these lovely pictures of your spacious place. The environment looks so calm and peaceful. Great pictures!

  3. Lovely photos, Thanks for sharing.


  4. Just found you thru Pieced Pastimes party and am I ever enjoying photos of New England. Had always wanted to see some of New England so one time hubs called to tell me he was going up into your area (was a trucker then out of MT). Our trip was in May so not too hot yet. We traveled all up into whole area, had drop off in Conncticut somewhere then a pick up in Maine.Then went up into Canada for little bit, I was hoping we might get to see the coast but no such luck. Not complaining as I so enjoyed that trip. When hubs stopped trucking I sure missed getting to see more of our country. I love traveling.
    Your photos are wonderful and truly depict how the country is. I feel very fortunate to have gotten to see some of New England that I'd always read about and wondered about. The history must be incredible there. We got to see pretty much all of the US. I got to go with him often and for weeks at a time when he trucked out of MT.
    Wish now that we have lots of time we could afford to travel around more. Now I'll go see your other posts about our country. So glad you shared all this. Happy week


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