Thursday, May 16, 2019

Minimalist Spring Touches

After our very long winter, I was longing for a change.

Nothing crazy, just a few touches that would reflect the season at hand.

Our minimalist style made for an easy transition.

I want our living space to emulate peace and serenity.

As they say, your home is your sanctuary.

Life is complicated enough.

For us, simple living helps to balance things out.

Have you found that special 'something' that gives you peace and balance in the everyday?

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  1. That's very Zen-like, Suzanne, and I love it.
    We have downsized from a big house to loft condo, and I am already finding it very calming. What has been frenetic is the process of getting there, having to go through so much stuff. It was very taxing, both mentally and physically, and I hope I have learned my lesson!

    1. Thanks Rita! We have had our fair share of 'too much stuff' over the years, but over time we learned that life is so much easier with 'less stuff'. Enjoy your new calm space!

  2. I love a lot of vintage junk and collectibles as you might have realized by now from all of my posts that I link up at the party, but I really love your style too! It is so beautiful and the pieces you choose to display are stylish and beautiful!


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