Sunday, May 9, 2021

Repurposed Plant Hanger

I have been wanting a plant hanger for our front porch for some time now.  I just couldn't seem to make up my mind as to the style that I wanted.

Custom Plant Hanger at Pieced Pastimes

Lucky for me, darling hubby stepped in and got it done.  He knows that I like things simple and uncomplicated. Putting his iron skills to work, he crafted this custom bracket from the tine of an old hay rake. 

Hay Rake Tine to Plant Holder at Pieced Pastimes

The swivel at the hook makes for easy plant rotation.  The hinge allows me to turn the pot away from the house while watering in order to keep the porch floor dry.

Plant Hanger Turned for Watering at Pieced Pastimes

The gentle curves and black iron serve as a quiet echo to our lights.

Repurposed Plant Hanger at Pieced Pastimes

I have to say that I really love how it turned out. After all these years together, it seems that we really can read each others minds.

Wishing you all a beautiful Mother's Day!

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  1. Gorgeous, and highly functional!

    1. Thanks Rita! I have to agree with you, as it is just what 'I didn't know I wanted'! 😀 Take care my friend, Suzanne.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jeanie! I am really happy with it. All my best, Suzanne.

  3. hubby did soooo good!! it is gorgeous! Selling on esty?

    1. Thanks so much and yes he did a really nice job with it. No etsy selling for me - simply sharing our ideas. Have a wonderful day, Suzanne.

  4. Repurposing becomes like an unexpected gift when it turns out so elegantly!

    1. Thanks, Pamela and I couldn't agree more! I find myself smiling every time I look at it. Have a wonderful week, Suzanne.


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