Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Bread Machine Bagels

There is a trend on TikTok with people buying up vintage bread machines (or new ones) and making bread. I happen to be old enough to still own my original bread machine from 30+ years ago and was inspired to start using it again. As they say 'everything old is new again'.

Bread Machine Bagels at Pieced Pastimes

This bagel recipe is a favorite of ours. I will make a batch, cut them in half and freeze what, if any, are leftover.

@plantedinnewhampshire Bread Machine Bagel’s #breadmachine #bagelrecipe #bagels #bagelrecipe #howtomakebagels #breadrecipe ♬ Taste It - Ikson

I have been having so much fun trying new recipes and as everyone knows, nothing says home more than the scent of freshly baked bread! Have you jumped on the bread machine train?

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  1. Still have my bread machine too, but not sure it works. I just got hooked on making yeast bread from scratch when I found out how much better the yeast is in the little jar, rather than the packages! And the dough hook on my Kitchen Aid mixer makes it so easy! ... I didn't see a place to post this week, so catch you later!

    1. I think you should pull out your bread machine and give it a try, Cindy. It's a nice change of pace from making bread by scratch and still gives the same delicious results. It's been a busy week, so I posted the party a little late. Have a great week, Suzanne.


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