Scenes from the Road

On occasion, my husband and I will venture out for a drive. We have no destination in mind, just a thought of seeing uncharted territory. We are drawn to the less traveled, back roads of New England.  Over the years, we have stumbled across so many wonderful places. I have learned to take my camera with us to preserve some of these fabulous finds. I created these posts to share our discoveries with you. Hope you enjoy the ride!

Stepping Back in Time


Scenes from the Road 9
Maple Weekend

Scenes from the Road 8
New Hampshire Barns

Castle in the Clouds - Lucknow

Sugar Shack & Abandoned House

Special moments caught on my iPhone

A winter day in New Hampshire

Flag Gate, Pink Flying Pig and Wildlife

Abandoned Train Station

Scenes from the Side of the Road 1
Christ's Church and Wildlife
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  1. Kindred spirits here! My husband and I love taking Sunday drives and I love taking photos, so a win-win!!!!!


  2. I love taking photos of old abandoned houses! I always like to imagine what the family was like that lived there and what their lives were like!


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